Information for Advisors

It is always appropriate to consult with your professional advisors when considering an estate gift. The following information can help your advisor facilitate any gift you might wish to make:information for advisors

Legal Name: Christian Living Communities

Purpose: Christian Living Communities provides care and services for older adults at these 501(c)(3) communities: Clermont Park, Dayspring Villa, Holly Creek and Someren Glen.

Federal Tax Identification Number: #45-5475166

Address: 9570 S. Kingston Court Suite 300, Englewood, CO 80112

Phone: 720-974-3555


Purpose of Gift

Donors who make estate or outright gifts may designate their gift for a specific purpose. Such gifts can be designated to meet current needs or to support an endowed fund for the specified purpose.

  • Community Specific – funds made available to support programs and projects that benefit residents at the community of your choice
  • General Endowment – funds permanently invested as a self-sustaining source of recurring income for CLC
  • Resident Assistance Fund – funds provide financial assistance for qualifying residents in need
  • Employee Scholarship Fund – funds provide tuition assistance for associates
  • General Mission – funds utilized by CLC in the areas of greatest need

Brokerage Information

Christian Living Communities gratefully accepts gifts of publicly traded securities. In general, donating securities in appreciated positions will help maximize an individual’s tax benefit, as the associated charitable income tax deduction is typically based on the full fair market value of the security. No capital gains tax would be payable by the donor or Christian Living Communities.

For more information about gifts of securities or to request brokerage information for Christian Living Communities, please contact Olivia Mayer at or 720-974-3675.

Recommended Language for Bequests and Testamentary Gifts:

Sample language for a specific bequest to Christian Living Communities through a will or living trust:

“I give to Christian Living Communities, 7000 E. Belleview Avenue, Ste. 150, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, a Colorado non-profit corporation, the sum of $_______ [or ______% of my estate; or the property described herein], for its general purposes or to support ____, a community of Christian Living Communities.”


Sample language for a residuary bequest to Christian Living Communities is:

“I give to Christian Living Communities, 7000 E. Belleview Avenue, Ste. 150, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, a Colorado non-profit corporation, all [or ____%] of the rest, residue, and remainder of my estate, both real and personal, for its general purposes or to support ____, a community of Christian Living Communities.”


Beneficiary Designation

A person wishing to support Christian Living Communities through a retirement planIRA, or life insurance policy, should request a Beneficiary Change Form from his/her company or plan administrator. Beneficiary Change forms are typically available online. Please indicate the desired gift amount or percentage and return/submit the completed form.

In addition, a person can also provide Payable-On-Death instructions for a bank account, directing a remaining balance to CLC. The POD forms are available at a local bank branch.

Other Arrangements

Christian Living Communities also encourages estate gifts through other arrangements, including Charitable Gift Annuities, Retained Lift Estates, Charitable Remainder Trusts and Charitable Lead Trusts. A Gift Annuity illustration can be provided upon request, which may help clarify how this option could work for a client. In addition, please note that Christian Living Communities prefers not to serve as Trustee for any charitable trust.


Christian Living Communities created the Compassion Circle to honor and recognize those who remember us with an estate gift. This provides us with an opportunity to say “thank you” during a person’s life. Christian Living Communities also recognizes that some donors prefer to remain anonymous regarding an estate gift. We honor and respect these wishes. In addition, we would appreciate the opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for an estate gift whenever possible.

In some cases, a client may allow an advisor to share his/her name with Christian Living Communities. In others, an advisor can play a helpful role in forwarding a "thank you" letter to a client, while still preserving client anonymity. Please share any guidance. Christian Living Communities places great importance on thanking people for their confidence and generosity, while respecting their wishes in every instance.

If you have any questions at all, please contact Olivia Mayer at or 720-974-3675. There will never be an expectation or obligation to complete any gift.