Don & Carol Furuta, Holly Creek Residents

“When we moved to Holly Creek we thought about what is visible, such as interiors, apartment layout, dining areas, which are all very nice but after living here for a year we have discovered what is most important is the people that live here and employees, who are all so considerate and kind who are at the HEART of Holly Creek. They make Holly Creek a special place in which to live.”

Furtas testimonials at Christian Living Communities
Art testimonial at Christian Living Communities

Art Van Eps, Clermont Park Resident

“Everything in every area is great: the friendliness of the staff, comradery of the residents and the great programs they offer. It’s fantastic.”

Dee Deeter, Someren Glen Resident

Being a resident at Someren Glen Retirement Community for a year now has opened my mind, heart, body and spirit to a whole new world of what is possible in this new phase of senior living. I had been stagnant in thinking, neglectful in physical activity and unmindful of my spiritual connection. Because of Masterpiece Living, I’ve entered into a whole new world of senior living as it should be – it is a purposeful way of sustaining us on this journey we are all on.

Senior living doesn’t have to be a means to an end. It can be a purposeful, engaging, rewarding way of living and it can be yours if you so choose. We as life-long learners and teachers are able to put to use these assets as we continue on this our journey, and by doing so, we become fulfilled.

Dee Testimonial